LINE AND GREEN GOLD PALMEA ECO BIO.Palmea Maske Golde is the last ritual of the evening.This mask is rich, mildly and intensively restorative and makes every formula applied with the most effective. Ideal for all skin types as for super-dehydrated dry skin and super sensitive, thanks to vegetable lanolin and Saffron also extracts palm trees (date), honey extract, olive oil, argani oil, sweet almond oil, organic vegetable glycerin, linseed oil, bio fermented phytosterol.These pheromones from the biological agro-culture give the skin:-hydration and dry skin softness.- to give skin tone and elasticity, protecting it from external agents.-clean the skin deeply.-to activate facial restore the hydrolipidic balance of the skin.- responds straight to the needs of the skin..
#PRODUCTOR: Appear twice a week on the face mask on the face before washing away the eye area, let it run all night absorbing your skin, then sprinkle with plenty of water. Remember the moisturizing cream ♀️

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