Maternatura - Lozione rivitalizzante alla Rosa

Maternatura - Lozione rivitalizzante alla Rosa

100 ml

Rose floral water, with a calming and soothing action.

Ideal for all skin types, even oily skin, as well as mature or dry and sensitive skin, which pulls.

Also excellent for hair and scalp.

The revitalizing Lotion with Rose Maternatura is a floral hydrolate, derived from the steam distillation of Rosa Damascena flowers.

It is a floral water with an exceptional fragrance, known for its incomparable sweetness, both on a cosmetic and therapeutic level. It has a known calming power, soothing properties and the ability to prove suitable for all skin types. The anti-aging and toning action makes it ideal for mature skin.

Mixed and oily skin also benefit from Rose Water which has a slight astringent action.

Actions and properties

Nervous rebalancing: relieves stress and nervous tension.

Toning, anti-aging: strengthens fibroblasts and the hydrolipidic barrier, helping to maintain toned skin. It protects from free radicals thanks to the presence of vitamin E. It gives brightness to the skin, helps to fight the appearance of wrinkles. It also stimulates hair growth and helps make it more full-bodied.

Soothing: soothing and refreshing on the epidermis and scalp, calms widespread redness and inflammation. It also has a slightly astringent effect on blood capillaries. Ideal in case of skin with eczema, redness and itching that calms and regenerates.

Perfect for dry and sensitive skin that pulls: In case of rashes (diaper rash, rash) spray on the affected area several times a day.

Sensitive scalp and dry, brittle hair: pour a small amount of rose water into the palm of your hands and gently massage the scalp, then extend the application over lengths and ends. Rose water does not need to be rinsed. It leaves a delicate perfume on the hair. A treatment that can be repeated several times a week.

Tired and irritated eyes: spray or apply compresses on closed eyes.

Synergies: rose hydrolate is synergized with orange blossom or lavender or rosemary hydrolate in case of delicate skin / scalp. For extremely reactive skin / scalp, it is excellent with the lavender hydrolate.

Fragrance: thanks to its fresh and flowery scent, Rose hydrolat can be used to perfume the hair, or as an ambient perfumer or to perfume linen.

Refreshing and relaxing bath: add 2-3 tablespoons of Rose hydrolate to the bath water.


The Damascus rose is a hybrid derived from two species: Rosa gallica and Rosa moschata (or Rosa fenicia) which arrived in Europe after the Crusades. It is a very fragrant shrub, 0.5 to 1 m high, whose foliage is very thorny and requires a lot of sun. It was the Arabs who distilled it for the first time in the 11th century, with great patience, because it takes 3 to 5 tons of petals to obtain only 1 kg of essential oil! Hydrolate is much more used than essential oil because it is cheaper and yet very effective. Rose hydrolate is one of the most famous hydrolates.

How to use

Hydrolates or Maternatura floral waters have many possible uses:

pure on the skin, spraying them on the face or body like a tonic;

mixed with clays or powders to create masks or wraps;

instead of the tonic to eliminate makeup and cleansing residues;

Also ideal as a simple gesture of cleansing the face if you are not wearing make-up or in the morning if the previous evening we have already removed make-up and deeply cleansed the skin;

vaporized on sun-irritated skin;

as refreshing and anti-fatigue tablets for the eyes;

sprayed on the scalp before or after shampooing as a specific lotion for the treatment of skin problems;

mixed with aloe gel or hair powders to leave in the pack;

added to the same shampoos, to dilute them if concentrated or to create a customized product if neutral;

in the rinsing water of the shampoo;

perfect for the most delicate skin (those of children, for example) when the use of essential oils could have contraindications;

mixed together to obtain particular and personalized floral waters;

mixed with essential oils for a hydro-aromatherapy treatment

Maternatura Beauty Routine Fine Hair

Acqua di Rosa is one of the 4 steps of the Maternity Beauty Routine dedicated to fine, flat hair, looking for volume, which does not keep the fold.

Step 1 - Specific cleansing with Magnolia Volumizing Hair Shampoo that leaves hair shiny, full-bodied and easy to comb.

Step 2 - Post shampoo, apply Rose Water as a revitalizing tonic lotion on the scalp. Apply row by row and leave to act, while in the meantime the lengths are being treated.

Step 3 - On the stem (lengths), apply the Hair Volumizing Conditioner with Helichrysum, a treatment that gives elasticity, thickness and volume.

Step 4 - Apply the Styling product you prefer, 

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