Clarente Booster antimacchia is an innovative and versatile product that is always used for all types, as long as it is mature, that it does not cause excessive stress due to multiple causes (smog, sole, hormonal problems, pharmacy) and much less the discrepancy scure (measma).

Very concentrated on the active principle, such as anti-macaronium booster combining marine algae and algae arbutin in the anti-blue light of niacinamide. Your composition, in principle, works well for differentiation, but you get the perfect oil for potency and products of the beauty routine with a shredded functionality.

What's rivolto:

1. Chi ha macchie solari (ormonali, da pharmaci, solari).

2. What is not solo avere macchie solari, ma ha utilizzato dei aggressive products.

3. What if the cell is sensitive and you do not have the consent of an anti-mapping protocol, but which is known to smack the cell.

MODE OF USE: the pursuit of your own activities and the synergy with which you aggravate the Booster extremely functional in the light scattering of the macchia, as well as only directing the discromia for a short space, mixing it with different beauty routine potentiandoli nella loro funzionalità schiarente. Apply to three palms of the palm and micelles with the appropriate abutual product, pressing only to locally pull the cat.

FUNCTIONAL PRINCIPLES: Brown algae (Halidrys siliquosa lyngbye), sea urchin, phosphorus canaryens liposome, niacinamide, goji water *, vernacular filament luminescence *, whitefish extract *

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