Ingredients: Lawsonia inermis leaf

Harvest: 2017


Intense red on Vioro brown hair

Cherry / Mahogany on medium brown hair

Cherry / violet reflections on dark / black brown hair

Red Copper Cold on Blonde Hair

Lawsone content: In the titration phase

Certifications: Vegan Ok


The quality of this Henna is the fruit of careful selection, Love and Passion.

Only the best leaves are chosen, dried and pulverized at the time of shipment. In this way you have a product that is always fresh and long-lasting.

the powder is very fine, fresh, olive green, with a characteristic smell, yet pleasant and not excessive.

The paste that is obtained is creamy, soft, soft, without grains of sand. It rinses like a normal dye, as there is no sand and coarse fibers that are anchored to the hair.


Henna is the common name of the Lawsonia inermis plant, used for millennia for ritual, decorative and dyeing purposes.

The molecule responsible for staining is the Lawsone. This molecule binds to keratin, the protein of the hair. Henna, therefore, does not penetrate the hair like chemical hues, but binds to the scales.

In this way, not only protects the hair, but volumizes increasing the diameter of the stem.

The foliage is more voluminous, luminous and protected from external agents.

Henna is also a powerful sebum-normalizing and anti-dandruff.

NOTE: In this product there is no Sodium Picramato, added in many henna to obtain reinforced reds.

The picramato is an allergic substance, registered in the ministerial register of substances dangerous and harmful to the body and the environment

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