IBISCO (ROSELLE)purple, acne, wrinkles, against falling

Coming Soon IBISCO (ROSELLE)purple, acne, wrinkles, against falling

Ingredients: Hibiscus sabdariffa

Packaging: double vacuum pack

Shades: purple

Certifications: Vegan Ok - Organic in conversion


Note: on the face use in small quantities and in combination with clay or other herbs to avoid unpleasant colors.

Hibiscus, whose Ayurvedic name is Jaswand, is used to prevent hair loss. This plant is used for the treatment of baldness, its properties have been confirmed by clinical studies.

Regular use of Hibiscus powder keeps hair soft and untangled, strong and shiny.

It has dyeing properties, the tones vary from pink to very dark plum.

Hibiscus is used to combat dandruff and scalp irritation.

This plant is excellent for the skin, its high content of Vitamin C gives it antioxidant and astringent properties, also useful for acneic skin.

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