Hennè Rosso Ultra Freddo BIO

New Hennè Rosso Ultra Freddo BIO

HUE NOTES: with red henna ultra cold shades can be obtained

- Deep cold red on light brown hair

- Cherry / Mahogany on medium brown hair

- Cherry / Violaceus reflections on dark / dark brown hair

- Cold copper Red on Blonde Hair

The Henna coloring powder is obtained from the dried leaves of Lawsonia Inermis, a plant used for millennia for ritual, decorative and dyeing purposes. Its Red Dye power is due to the presence of glycosides which release a yellowish pigment, reddish to the air, and which, if present in different percentages, can give different shades to henna-based colors. This molecule is the Lawsone, and binds to keratin, the protein of the hair: henna, therefore, does not penetrate the hair like chemical shades, but binds to its scales, in this way, not only protects the hair, but it is volumized by increasing the diameter of the stem. The foliage is more voluminous, luminous and protected from external agents. Henna is also a powerful sebum-normalizing and anti-dandruff.


HAIR: Henna is the only dyeing herb able to stratify and bind to the keratin of the hair, so it can be added to other dyeing Herbs to create the desired shades, which will depend on the color of the hair on which the paste is applied. percentages of the various ingredients of the Herb mix. In addition to the dyeing properties, Henna prevents dandruff and helps eliminate it, as it has a balancing action on the scalp, thanks to the presence of tannins with astringent and skin-purifying properties. It is sebum-normalizing, it regulates and makes hair strong and luminous.

HOW TO USE: Mix the Henna powder, according to the volume of the hair, with warm water. Add half a glass of vinegar or lemon. Leave the container well covered for about 12 hours (in Summer about 6 hours). Apply to dry and perfectly clean hair. The pasta can also be prepared with boiling water and applied immediately. Laying: 1/3hours. Rinse thoroughly, it is not necessary to shampoo. Apply a balsam nut if the hair is dry.

HISTORY and CURIOSITY: In the East and in Mediterranean Africa, Henna is     used to make good and protective temporary tattoos (Mehndi) on hands and feet. The ritual of the Mehndi design involves the women of the whole family and / or tribe and can be performed on special occasions such as weddings: in India the wedding Mehndi includes the initials of the spouses and often their portrait.

NOTE: In this product there is no Sodium Picramato, added in many henna to obtain reinforced reds. The picramato is an allergic substance, registered in the ministerial register of active and harmful substances for the organism and the environment

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